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Let’s see if I can keep at this for a bit longer this time. With all the social media mediums, it’s hard to stay up on everything? Do you feel me? Well I realize I loved doing my blog and I just have let it Slip away. I once again am getting ready to compete in the Arnold Classic for the 7th year in a row! Let me know what you guys want to know and I’ll keep ya informed on my journey, what I’m doing and what I use to achieve success with fitness! Here’s some progress photos of the Olympia.. I’ll post some Arnold Classic progress photos as well! Check out myFB page to see what I’ve been up to the last few years!





So I have been so busy with new life changes that I haven’t taken a moment to Blog! Oops!! 

I want to talk a little about POSING!

In the world of Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness and Bikin, athletes know the Importance of Posing! This can make or break the physique you present on Stage!! I have been trained and do train in this area of the sport! It takes time, dedication, perfect practice and a lot of hot baths to get the hang of such strenuous tecnique! I believe you can always improve in this area… So all you aspiring Figure Pro’s, keep up the good work on training and dieting but never let your posing fall behind! 


-Get in touch with me if you need some posing coaching my Figure and Bikini Girls-

Best Wishes to all, and stay Tuned! We’re Going to Have some Fun! 😉

On that note, I’m off to practice posing xoxo

Heather Dees

IFBB Figure Professional 

Protein! YUM!!

So one of the Great things I look forward to everyday is my last meal, a PROTEIN SHAKE! When I diet for a Show a lot of the options I have on my meal plan are not sweet, and since I have a Huge Sweet tooth, my Protein Shake is my Yummy treat at the end of the end of the Day!

How I make my Shake;

1c Water

11/2 sc. Protein (vanilla or Chocolate)

1 tsp Truvia

1-2 tsp of your favorite Sugar-Free Jello pudding mix

1-2 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp ground Flaxseed

tons of ICE!

Vita-Mix all that till it looks smooth and eat with a spoon!! Makes you Feel like you are indulging in ICE CREAM!! Enjoy my fellow dieters and non-dieters! Reach for something like this before you Grab the Hot Fudge and Sprinkles…. We’ll all stay Healthy Together!

Stay Tuned My Friends!

Heather Dees


Me Time!

So it’s late and had been quite the eventful day for me! As I unwind, I think… “What should my blog be for the day?” Then it hit me!!! Me time! Right now and during this contest prep, I’ve been able to discover a little more “Me” time!  
Does anyone else make this a daily priority? I found Epsom Salt baths, quiet music and a good book has been that little extra thing I’ve really needed and come to look forward to after strenuous days of training, 2 cardio sessions, work, errands, cooking etc… My muscles recoup and stress leaves the body! 
I highly recommend taking some time for yourself, daily if possible, for “Me Time” Words that I am sure are often spoken but may not ever be a priority! Try hard, especially when training hard! Let your body recover!
Until tomorrow my Friends!! Stay Tuned! 
Are we having fun yet…!?! 😉

Heather Dees

Rise and Shine, it’s Cardio time!

Good Morning everyone! It’s a New day and another Cardio session! At the present moment in My Prep for the Arnold, I am doing 2, 40 minute cardio sessions! Getting ready to start #1!! Isn’t it crazy how much we can physically push our bodies to receive the changes we desire??!! I’ve broke down many of times emotionally as I’ve pushed through cardio but my body just keeps on “truckin’ “Anyone else have an inspiring cardio experience?

Well, better get at it, times atickin’ and there is No time to waste 😉 Stay Tuned! This is going to be FUN!!

Heather Dees


Preparing for the Arnold 2012

Hi everyone,

So I wanted to blog about my journey to the Arnold these last few weeks! I am so excited and Honored to be Invited to my 1st Arnold Classic! I have never been to the Arnold… any advice out there as to what to expect? haha

What else it there going on in Columbus, OH during this Amazing eventful weekend?

Preparing for the Arnold, I have had the awesome experience in working with the Knowlegable Kim Oddo, trainer of many female and male Athetes in the industry of Bodybuilding! It has been a fun experience working with someone who is very positive and excited about my progress! Here we go!

So this is my first blog and I am testing it out, so please give me feed back as to what you want to know about my prep, or what else you would like me to share! Questions and comments are always welcome!! Stay tuned, this is going to be FUN!

Heather Dees